Compact press feeding lines

We are the market leader in leveling and feeding technology and have more than 40 years' experience in building coil processing systems. Top companies worldwide use ARKU CompactFeed® feeding lines for thick sheet metals.

Compact press feeding line

For many types of sheet metal processing applications, the feed and leveling processes can be combined in a single machine: ARKU´s CompactFeed® feeder straightener had a considerable impact on the development of the short form design.

Installation in a confined space

The use of a loop pit providing slack becomes unnecessary when using a feeder straightener. The length of the line is shortened, decoil and recoil times are noticeably reduced. 

Zigzag saves material costs

ARKU short-format machines can be equipped with zigzag traverse systems. The automobile industry and its major suppliers have calculated that CompactFeed® systems with zigzag operation save six-figure material costs per year.

Coil lines CompactFeed® in short form design in front of a press (Press feeding lines)

ARKU CompactFeed® with zigzag traverse system