Deburring and rounding machines

ARKU – innovative metal processing from a single source 


Levelers and feeding lines from ARKU stand for the highest precision, reliability and efficiency worldwide. With the EdgeBreaker® and the Deburring machinesEdgeRacer®, ARKU now expands its portfolio to include the new Deburring business area. Indeed, what could make more sense than using leveling and deburring technology from a single source?


The EdgeBreaker® 4000 and 4000 Plus for single or double-sided deburring and rounding large burrs represent the start along with the EdgeBreaker® 2000 and 2000 Plus for rounding and deburring (depending on the model) smaller burrs. The powerful EdgeBreaker® name represents a series which will be progressively expanded in 2015.


In addition, ARKU can also offer the EdgeRacer® series, capable of reliably processing thin punched and laser-cut parts, thanks to its sales cooperation with Wöhler Brush Tech GmbH.


The new EdgeBreaker® and EdgeRacer® series for dry deburring are now available to customers for tests and contract work at the ARKU Leveling and Deburring Center in Baden-Baden.