Easy and rapid deburring and rounding – with the EdgeBreaker®

Deburring and rounding panels on both sides: The new EdgeBreaker® makes these processes easier and more economical than ever. For laser-cut, plasma-cut, punched and autogenous gas cut parts also for large quantities, for panels made of different materials and large burrs.

EdgeBreaker® 4000 and EdgeBreaker® 4000 Plus – for high process ­reliability with large burrs­

Whether aluminum, steel or titanium: The EdgeBreaker® 4000 utilizes an oscillating roller to rapidly and reliably remove burrs and slag from 0.8 to 80 mm thick material while sanding blocks gently round the edges on both sides. This means that you benefit from high process reliability and part quality far ahead of the competition. The EdgeBreaker® combines maximum precision and speed with easy operation and high efficiency. This is the result of technical details such as the vibration-free movement of the sanding blocks to ensure a longer service life or the recognition of parts whose parameters have already been entered into the control system.

  • EdgeBreaker® 4000: single-sided deburring, double-sided rounding
  • EdgeBreaker® 4000 Plus: double-sided deburring and rounding

EdgeBreaker® 2000 and EdgeBreaker® 2000 Plus – for outstanding processing quality for small burrs

We have developed the EdgeBreaker® 2000 and EdgeBreaker® 2000 Plus models for time and cost-saving rounding, smoothing and, where required, deburring parts with small burrs. Specifically designed to comply with your quality, cost and scheduling requirements.

  • EdgeBreaker® 2000: double-sided rounding
  • EdgeBreaker® 2000 Plus: double-sided deburring and rounding

Part parameters can be quickly and conveniently entered using the EdgeBreaker® touchscreen controls. The saved data can be called up at any time. 

Parts before and after processing Image gallery – Please click on image to enlarge

The new EdgeBreaker® – Your benefits at a glance

  • High process reliability due to clean, smooth surfaces
  • The oscillation of the deburring roller creates even surfaces and removes any sanding residue from the sanding belts – delivering optimum deburring results. Other advantages of the EdgeBreaker®  deburring roller: the sanding paper can be changed quickly and easily; the system provides high abrasion and machinery performance
  • The sanding blocks have a long service life and can be quickly and easily replaced using the click system which has been registered for patenting
  • The optional calibration of the sanding tools measures and automatically compensates for the wear on the units
  • Automatic identification of saved part parameters: The EdgeBreaker® operates fully automatically after the initial configuration 
  • Energy-saving operation