Reliable and clean removal of burrs and laser beads

The EdgeGrinder removes stubborn burrs and laser beads/splashes effortlessly. This saves time and creates the perfect prerequisite for high-quality processing.

Smooth and clean surfaces for high process reliability

The special brushes provide high durability. This allows for constant processing. In addition, the changing system for the brushes used in all EdgeRacer models enables a simple brush change in a very short time.

Defined deburring and edge rounding implementable in any production line

Like all EdgeRacer® models, the EdgeGrinder can work as a stand-alone machine, as well as being able to be integrated into an exisiting production line. The easy to use system can efficiently and quickly optimize your production.  


The new EdgeGrinder - Your benefits at a glance

  • Perfect preparation for qualitative processing
  • Removal of burrs and laser beads/splashes
  • Smooth and clean surfaces for a high process reliability
  • Special long–life brushes with extremely long service intervals
  • Easy and fast brush replacement
  • Precise deburring and edge rounding
  • Implementable in any production line
  • Increase of quality and production output
  • Easy to use
  • Energy efficient