Hydraulic parts leveler PlateMaster® for large sheet metal parts and thick plates

For large sheet metals and plates with thicknesses of 4 mm to 80 mm

The PlateMaster® has been designed to level large-surface sheet metals (width up to 3,000 mm) and thick plates (thickness up to 80 mm) economically.
The hydraulic leveler is designed especially for heavy plate fabricators.

The PlateMaster® has an intentionally less complex design and is also a less costly acquisition for customers. The hydraulic leveler has been specifically designed for robust conditions. It is unaffected by soiling and can be cleaned quickly and easily. Easy cleaning of the leveler is highly important, especially when processing large sheet metal plates, as these are often covered with rust and scale.

ARKU's quality features, the servo-hydraulic leveling gap control and overload protection, are also integrated into the PlateMaster®. As with the FlatMaster®, consistent leveling results and protection against machine damage are guaranteed.

Special features:

  • Especially for large sheet metals and plates

  • Robust and invulnerable to dirt

  • Effortless leveling of rusted and soiled parts

  • Easy and quick cleaning of the leveling unit

  • Consistently good leveling results due to servo-hydraulic leveling gap control
  • Hydraulic overload protection

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