Levelers: for flat and low-stress sheet metal.

The success stories show that ARKU levelers are efficient and precise. For optimized production processes without any compromises. Our customers benefit from this.

Stress-relieved sheets, stress-free customers.

Perfect flatness is essential for further processing of parts and sheets. Parts leveled with ARKU save you time and money – thanks to fewer errors in subsequent processes that otherwise increase rework and scrap. Relieving stresses and unevenness – metalworkers all over the world rely on our experience and the precision of our levelers.

Machines for your specific needs – detailed best-practice reports.

Requirements are as unique as the customers themselves. We strive to deliver precisely the right machine. Find out more about the various challenges and how ARKU levelers handle these for customers. In the following success stories, we present customers, their special requirements and our solutions:

Wolf Metals, Ohio: FlatMaster® 55

C.F.F. Stainless Steels Inc., Hamilton, Canada: FlatMaster® 120

Custom Laser Inc., New York: FlatMaster® 88

Begneaud Manufacturing Inc., Louisiana: FlatMaster® 55

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Success stories.

"The FlatMaster's innovation and effective processing capabilities allow us to fulfill our mission of quality." - Jim Wolf, President at Wolf Metals. More about customers’ successful use of our levelers:

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Did you know?

We also process your parts at our Leveling and Deburring Center. In small quantities for testing or as contract work – economical and efficient.

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