Levelers: for flat and low-stress sheet metal.

The success stories show that ARKU levelers are efficient and precise. For optimized production processes without any compromises. Our customers benefit from this.

Wolf Metals, Ohio: FlatMaster® 55

Wolf Metals is a metal manufacturer founded in Columbis, Ohio in 1974 by brothers Mike and Wolf. The small, privately-owned, family-run business continues to have marked success without having to change its original mission to provide quality parts to loyal customers. They offer many in-house services such as; laser cutting, water jet cutting, shearing, forming, machining and much more.


Wolf Metals faced challenges keeping flattening specifications for a laser cut parts that was requested by one of their customers. They saw an increase in orders for those specific parts. In additional, this part needed to be leveled to optimize downstream processing.

Solution from ARKU:

The FlatMaster® 55 precision leveler - It covers a thickness spectrum from 0.02" - 0.91".

  • Wolf Metals: FlatMaster® 55

    Wolf Metals is a metal manufacturer founded in Columbis, Ohio in 1974. They use their FlatMaster® to keep their parts/sheets leveled as well as ensuring them to be stress relieved.


Benefits for the customer:

  • Processing cost savings
  • Consistent high parts quality
  • Time and resrouce savings
  • Constantly meeting customer specifications

What the customer says:

"We are very pelased with the parts we were getting and orders for those parts were increasing, so we decided to purchase our own FlatMaster® 55 165 for in-house leveling." - Jim Wolf, President

"Providing a greater number of excellent services to customers allows us to expand our markets and keep us ahead of our competition."

- Jim Wolf, President for Wolf Metals

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Wolf Metals
1625 W Mound St
Columbus, OH 43223


Success stories.

From electronic components the size of a credit card to metal plates meters long. More and more customers are demanding flat materials. Custom Laser Inc. relies on the FlatMaster® 88.

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Did you know?

We also process your parts at our Leveling and Deburring Center. In small quantities for testing or as contract work – economical and efficient.

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