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Company | 22.08.2017

ARKU, Inc. receives technical support from Germany.

Adrian Fleig performing a software update on the FlatMaster® 55 in the leveling and deburring center in Cincinnati, OH.

Since July of 2017, Adrian Fleig, an automation engineer specializing in coil line applications has re-joined the ARKU USA team. He is back in the U.S. to gain additional insights into the U.S. business environment, strengthen his English skills as well as supporting the local service team.

Adrian lives just a few minutes from ARKU's headquarters in Baden-Baden from which he was hired at age 19 following his graduation from gymnasium (high school). After initial training in the leveling center, he then moved into the electrical engineering department, matching the field of his future degree. He currently works at ARKU in Cincinnati full time, after he graduated from the DHBW in Karlsruhe with his degree in electrical engineering in September of 2015.

Adrian took the opportunity to spend some time in the U.S. office previously, where he has proven to be a prized staff member who would be welcomed back in the future. Hence, Adrian was welcomed back to the U.S. office with open arms. His assignments currently include performing service in customer plants, commissioning new machineries, conducting electrical work on precision leveler rebuilds, as well as supporting Germany with programming skills.

Learning the U.S. manufacturing culture is an important part of his journey "One of the interesting differences I notice is the heavy stress on safety equipment and clothing in the U.S.," he said. “In some case I now understand why there are so strict rules for example to design an electrical control box. Doing the electrical design for machines for the U.S. is so much different from the way I am used to do it for European machinery. It is very interesting to deal with all the differences between a European and an U.S. machine. There is no substitute for the experience gained living in a U.S. home, working in a smaller office and visting U.S. customer plants."

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