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News, General | 06.09.2017

ARKU celebrates 50 years of leveling.

ARKU was founded in 1928 as a craftsman shop in Baden-Baden, Germany. The company has focused on metalworking since the late fifties. This craftsman shop later turned into the company named ARKU today. It was in 1967 when ARKU began manufacturing precision leveling machines. The core customers at this early stage were in the watch industry as well as typewriter manufacturing.

Over time, the precision levelers from ARKU have evolved into technical state-of-the-art machines. This has made them essential in a vast variety of industries, such as automotive, aerospace, military, construction equipment, laser job shops, etc. Amongst many technological breakthroughs, the biggest milestone came in 2005 with the launch of the hydraulic leveler series, named the FlatMaster®. Some of the key features included overload protection and gap control, ensuring optimal leveling results and safety. ARKU proudly looks back upon its rich history in technological advancements over the last 50 years. We are constantly evolving towards Industry 4.0 by interconnecting our machines with each other, just like interlinking our FlatMaster® with the EdgeBreaker® during the InfoDays 2017. ARKU is well prepared to take on the challenges of the future.

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