EdgeRacer®: the flexible all-rounder.

High-performance and versatile: Single or double-sided deburring, edge rounding, oxide removal, cleaning and finishing are quick and easy with the innovative EdgeRacer® series of deburring machines – made by Wöhler.

For precise edge processing: EdgeRacer® deburring machines.

Thanks to the sales cooperation with Wöhler Brush Tech GmbH, we also offer the EdgeRacer® series as part of our portfolio. The performance and versatility of the series speak for themselves: depending on the model, they are capable of single or double-sided deburring, cleaning and edge-rounding.

  • Consistent double-sided processing of even complex and 3D parts
  • Broad material spectrum: for punched and laser-cut parts with a thickness from 0.5 mm made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum and titanium
  • Removes the oxide layer from laser-cut parts

Find the right EdgeRacer® for your needs:

EdgeRacer® E series: for single-sided processing.
EdgeRacer® D series: for double-sided processing in one pass.
EdgeRacer® the Washer: for parts cleaning.
EdgeRacer® the Finisher: for surface finishing.
Solutions for your needs: Module for small parts processing.


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Materials, part dimensions, performance – Find out all of the specifications and machine details from our expert: Franck Hirschmann.

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Single-sided deburring with the EdgeRacer® E series.

Highly flexible, economical and easy: thanks to the EdgeRacer® E series. This series is ideal for companies that only require single-sided processing with a focus on quality. The EdgeRacer® E deburring machine ensures precise edge processing, even with complex 3D workpieces and different materials. The especially smart and intuitive control system enables the E series of the EdgeRacer® deburring and edge rounding machines to function fully automatically.

Low operating costs. High benefits.

The EdgeRacer® is a true energy saver. This benefits the environment and your company, thanks to the extremely low processing costs.


Double-sided deburring with the EdgeRacer® D series.

Edge processing in a single pass: thanks to the EdgeRacer® D series. The EdgeRacer® D deburring machine efficiently rounds edges and deburrs inner and outer edges on both sides. The machine delivers outstanding quality with 100% reproducibility. The EdgeRacer® D series is the ideal solution especially for heavily deformed workpieces: The EdgeRacer® D for double-sided deburring even processes three-dimensionally deformed panels effortlessly. To achieve the best results, the brushes on the top and bottom sides can be adjusted individually.

  • The EdgeRacer® D:

    Effortless rounding and deburring even with three-dimensional parts.

  • In detail:

    Edge before processing.


  • In detail:

    Edge after processing with the EdgeRacer® D.

  • In comparison:

    Sheet metal before (right) and after (left) processing with the EdgeRacer® D.

Clean results: panel cleaning with the EdgeRacer® the Washer.

Compact and flexible: the high-performance Washer W 1500 conveyor cleaning system for punched and laser-cut parts. The sheet metal cleaning machine uses a conveyor process and effortlessly cleans deformed workpieces on both sides in one pass. The ability to link the system with the EdgeRacer® saves you time – while maintaining the consistently high quality.

Surface finishing for the most demanding standards with the EdgeRacer® the Finisher.

Optimum appearance, haptics and hygiene: the EdgeRacer® the Finisher creates a definable, parallel aligned brushed finish. The result is a stain-resistant and easy to clean sanded surface with an elegant matte effect. The EdgeRacer® the Finisher is the ideal solution for all workpieces used where they are visible or touched.

Furthermore, the special brushes are also incredibly durable. Their long service life ensures constant processing and lower costs. Thanks to the quick-change system, the brushes can be swapped out rapidly when they do need to be replaced.


Solutions for your needs: modules for small parts processing.

You can select our modules for small parts processing individually to match your needs.

  • Small parts conveyor:

    For the fully automatic processing of small parts. Ideal even for larger quantities. Offers an adhesive surface for extra grip on small parts.

  • Small parts rotation table:

    For simultaneous small parts processing. Easy to integrate via a side entry. Without having to change the operating process

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Nathan Brown
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