FlatMaster®: level results in a matter of seconds.

The FlatMaster® produces flat stamped, laser-cut and plasma-cut parts almost entirely free of internal stresses in a matter of seconds. With thicknesses from 0.5 to 60 mm. Even with high-strength parts and sheets with cut-outs.

Perfection from experience – with the FlatMaster®

We have been building parts levelers for more than 50 years. The FlatMaster® embodies our collective expertise. The straightener is ideal for leveling laser-cut, punched and plasma-cut parts and even AHSS materials.

  • From small to large: material thicknesses from 0.5 mm to 60 mm
  • Broad range of parts with maximum widths ranging from 800 mm to over 3,000 mm
  • Powerful performance: servo-hydraulic leveling gap control, hydraulic overload protection system to prevent damage to the leveler and reproducible leveling results

Highly economical. Roller leveling with the FlatMaster®.

Roller leveling with the FlatMaster® is simple and rapid in comparison to other flattening methods. The sheet/part is subjected to a series of alternating bends within the hydraulic machine. The material is formed quickly, allowing stamped, laser-cut or plasma-cut parts to be leveled in a matter of seconds. In comparison, manual flattening may require anywhere from several minutes to several hours.

Particularly economical: the leveler makes subsequent processes such as welding, bending or folding faster and more reliable.

Customers say the machine lives up to its name: the FlatMaster®.

The FlatMaster® is used successfully by leading construction machinery manufacturers, crane technology experts, flame-cutting specialists, stainless steel and precious metal processing companies along with numerous other industries. It is also heavily used as a coil straightener. All of the customers are thoroughly convinced.

Watch this video and discover how our customers use our levelers during their daily operations.

“With the FlatMaster® 88, we achieve higher precision and improved quality in our sheet metal processing.”

- Florian Weber, Managing Director of Weber Stahl-Anarbeitungs-Service GmbH.

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Did you know?

We also process your parts at our Leveling and Deburring Center. In small quantities for testing or as contract work – economical and efficient.

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