Planning & commissioning: we are there for you.

With ARKU you can be certain that we will support and advise you throughout every production phase. From commissioning new machinery to production support: the ARKU Service Team is always there for you.

Comprehensive support.

Regardless of whether starting production with new machinery, production relocations or product changes – with ARKU, you have an experienced systems and service (remove “systems and service”) partner on your side. We provide you with comprehensive support from a single source. Use our know-how to your advantage and rely on ARKU's qualified experts.

Your benefits:

  • Shorter ramp-up phase
  • Avoid costly downtimes and defects
  • Maximum production output within a short period of time
  • Optimized product quality
  • Reduced rejects/reworking

Additional information.


Nicholas Miller
General Manager
P: +1 513 387 0590



Matthew Hubbell
Service/Spare Parts
P: +1 513 387 0584



Sean Self
Field Service Technician
P: +1 513 387 0589



We are there for you around the clock and seven days a week with our hotline.
T: +1-513-638-8554