Feintool runs 16 ARKU CompactFeed® lines

Two companies combine forces to create an unmatched fineblanking showroom

Christoph Trachsler, CEO Feintool North America (left) and Franck Hirschmann, Sales Manager Coil lines at ARKU Coil Systems Inc. are enjoying the partnership of both companies.

Cincinnati, OH - A processing method designed to produce high-quality automotive parts from varying material types has evolved into a coorperative, state-of-the-art fineblanking showroom. The showroom, shared by Feintool and ARKU, is the largest in the United States. Feintool's high volume fineblanking operation needed a solution for reducing material changeover times. The company processes automotive parts - mostly seating, transmission and engine parts for OEM, Tier 1 and Tier 2 customers. After researching options, Feintool acquired the ARKU CompactFeed® for leveling and feeding a variety of sheet metal through its fineblanking.

Feintool runs 16 ARKU CompactFeed® lines and 2 tandem lines in its two Cincinnati locations. "Our location is predominantly contract work, but supports the sale of our fineblanking machines," said Christoph Trachsler, CEO Feintool North America. "The contract work requires that we Switch materials frequently. The CompactFeed® has a hinged leveling unit that enables the leveling rollers to be cleaned thoroughly and quickly. We can change coils in less than five minutes."

Fineblanking can be used on a variety of metals and geometries. It is also suitable for use on heavy metals up to 0.625 in. thick. Part flatness achieved with fineblanking is unmatched compared to conventional processes - producing 100 percent sheared edges with 90-degree angles and dimensional accuracy equal to that obtained with machining. The process is relatively fast, parts can be run progressively and coining, embossing can be incorporated into the process. The Feintool Team also touts the small footprint of the ARKU compact lines." Floor space is at a premium in high-production operations. The compact lines gives us feeding and leveling functions in a small amount of floor space," Trachsler added. "The value of this cannot be overstated in high-volume production facilities. The ability to deliver on customer time-line and quality expectations is imperative to good Business relationships."

ARKU is the worldwide leader in compact coil lines for heavy-duty applications. The company has more than 400 compact coil lines in operation. The CompactFeed® can cut floor-space use by as much as 60 percent, compared to loop and pit lines. It is estimated that ARKU customers have saved more than 5 million square feet of space.

Trachsler has been with Feintool for more than 20 years and is an expert in the filed of fineblanking. He views the companies' coorperative approach to fineblanking as a true competitive advantage.
"There are as many as 200 fineblanked and formed parts in every car. In this business, the formula for success is straightforward," adds Trachsler. "Produce high quality parts, on time. The ARKU/Feintool combination makes this easily achievable."

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